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American Mercantile Exchange is an asset-based style forward contracting format for feeder cattle and live cattle. It was started by producers to protect producers from the non-asset based CME valuations.

Customers who still want to work with their auction market rep or order buyer can continue to do so.

All financial transactions will be handled by the AME. Wire payments only within 24 hours of delivery of livestock.

Purchase agreements and settlement sheets will be provided for each transaction with payment instructions and account information. Only livestock clearing through the AME account will be protected by the AME license and bond.

How Do I Participate?

Cattle auctions will be held in conjunction with the Tuesday Auction Market sale at Huron Continental Marketing (HCM). You will be able to bid online or with Cattle USA or in the arena at the site.

You can see the upcoming auctions at any time, but you'll need to create an account to participate in bidding or to list an auction.

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Watch for auction listings at www.ame.trade or www.livestockrus.com

How We Started

Kim Ulmer from Aberdeen, SD .....BIO GOES HERE.

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